Affordable Green Screen Event Photography

From product launches to birthday parties. We cover all types of events with our Affordable Green-screen event photography packages.

Green screen (chromakey) is the process of removing a solid coloured background (usually green) from a photo and replacing it with a digital image. We do this using specialist software and can even hand a printed copy to your guests right there and then.

Whether you’re planning a special occasion or looking to promote a brand or product, providing a fun experience is an excellent way to connect with your guests.


  • How much dose it cost?
    That really all depends on what you need from us, but our basic packages start at £150 and include 2 hours photography and an online gallery.

  • Can it be done anywhere?
    Our green screen studio is fully portable so yes pretty much, but we do have minimum space requirment and need access to a power outlet.

  • Can any image be used as a background?
    Any .jpg file can be used as long as it's resolution is high enough and we have the correct permissions to use the image. Further to that we can create custom images, source images, use images from our library.

  • How long dose the process take?
    Most images are ready right away but some may take a little more time editing, so could need a minute or two's work.

  • Is it possible to add branding/logos or a personal message to the photos?
    Yes just like in our example photos above, our watermark was added on export.

  • Can the photos be uploaded to the internet?
    Yes, the photos are exported as .jpg files and are treated just like a normal photo.