The following statement outlines the way Pretty Flash Photography collects, uses, and stores personal and non-personal information.

Nothing in this statement will affect your statutory or implied rights under GDPR rules. Where any Law, statutory or implied rights supersede any part of this policy then that part of the policy shall be deemed as deleted with the rest of the policy remaining intact.

Non Personal Data

Pretty Flash Photography collects non personal data about our website users from services such as Google and Facebook, to track the success of paid and non-paid advertising campaigns. This information helps us to better understand our users requirements, improve our services and help focus advertising budgets.

Personal Data

Pretty Flash Photography only collects personal data when that information is expressly given e.g when a website user completes the contact form or makes a purchase. We may also collect personal data through 3rd parties such as Paypal and other payment portals. Our use of that information is strictly limited to the purposes for which it was given and any legal requirement.

Data Storage

Pretty Flash Photography may store the Personal and Non-personal information that is collected directly or indirectly, in both printed and/or digital formats. Most information such as contact form enquiries and order purchase details are held in email. Order purchase details are also recorded on our server for a short time until the order has been fulfilled.

Right To Be Forgotten

When no legal requirement to keep any personal data supersedes a request to delete it, personally identifying data will be deleted as requested.

Data Protection

We only share personal information when there is a requirement to do so and the person supplying the information would reasonably expect it, e.g when a physical item has been purchased, we will provide our trusted supplier with your direct shipping address, who will then in turn share the shipping details with their courier service.

Pretty Flash Photography never abuse, sell or share (except as stated above) personal information.

Revision Of This Policy

Pretty Flash Photography may revise and change this privacy policy at anytime providing that those changes are inline with any governing laws, rights and general spirit of the previous policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy please contact us immediately.

Cookie Policy

The Pretty Flash Photography website uses cookies to collect user information for data analysis and any website functions that require them e.g shopping cart and contact form.